Five Reasons You Should Hike During The Winter

Experience the beauty and joys of winter hiking.

Dec 14, 2016 by Marty B

The winter is a great time to get out and go hiking. Sure it's a bit colder outside, but there are easy fixes to stay warm. We thought we'd share our five favorite things to get you motivated!

The woods are yours
People don't hike as much in the winter. In fact, the winter will often find busy trails desolate. That means there are no fights for the best camping spots or locations. Take advantage of the best views and vistas.

Pro-tip: Get that morning sun on your sleeping quarters for a little extra morning warmth, face that tent towards the east.

No bugs
The creepy crawlies are away. This means all kinds of things, noise to bug bites are missing, (but you're not missing them). Additionally, one of our favorite things about the lack of bugs is there is no smell of Deet (insect repellent) in the air.

The great silence
The bugs are away and many animals are asleep. The woods are a LOT quieter in the winter. There is still sound coming from the woods for sure. Comparatively, it's very quiet in the winter and amazingly peaceful.

The light show
The stars come out earlier and the light show is awesome. You'll see a whole different kind of show in the night sky during the winter versus the summer. There are reasons for this, e.g. the tilt of the earth, but you'll get to see stars that were not visible in the summer months.

Sleep. It's 7:30pm and time to turn in.
After the sun goes down about 5:30pm, you'll be able to to spend a couple hours around the fire (locale permitting), stare at the stars for a bit, and then have a post dinner snack. Then what? Sleep. You always want a little more quiet time to sleep or read a book, it's time make that a reality.

It takes a little more prep to get out during the winter and if you're not experienced, we suggest that you consider going with someone that has a bit of experience. Always be safe. Winter hikes can be peaceful, beautiful and a great excuse to get out of the house. Just a few reasons that we think that winter hiking is some of the best hiking to be had. Get out there and enjoy.

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