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Nov 20, 2015 by Brittany M

We love November. A whole month of thanksfriending and giving, pie and fried turkey — let's not forget the stuffing — what's not to love?

It's also that time of year where men across the nation come together and embark on a challenge like no other: Movember. During Movember, many men throw away the razor and embrace their inner lumberjack — or for some, their lack thereof — all in the name of raising awareness for men's health.

Maybe the best part of Movember is the variety — every man is his own special snowflake, crafting a beard all his own. Handlebar or mutton chop, it's every man for himself on this hairy journey.

But choosing your facial flora is like choosing between apple or pumpkin pie, or heck, just more mashed potatoes; the struggle is real and your mom is side-eyeing you from the kitchen. That's why we've compiled this list of a few of our favorites.

Our favorite mustaches/beards of 2015:

  • The After Eight
  • The Anchor
  • The Magnum
  • The Mutton Chops
  • The Super Mario
  • The Lumberjack (plaid including)

Not sold? Check out some more stache-piration here.

Running For a Cause and Some Pro Tips From a Very Wise Man

So you've accepted the challenges, now what?

First, learn how to properly take care of your project. Beards are like delicate flowers and need to be tended to, and with appropriate protocol as every flower is unique. But don't fret, we're here to help.

That's right. Physi, not just a mobile app that connects you with others to play sports together ... we're also keeping America GQ.

OK, truthfully we didn't know what we were doing either, so we took the advice of this guy — The Beard Barron — and his tips for properly trimming your beard and mustache.

You can trust him. He's a cool dude who knows his stuff.

Where were we? Right. Movember.

Movember is about more then facial hair — it's a national series that benefits a variety of men's health causes around the country. That's why we are proud to be part of Austin, Texas's 2015 Mustache Dache this Saturday benefiting ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer. Men, women and children — with or without facial hair - are all invited to the nation's premier mustache-themed running series and slightly irreverent 5k. It's going to be awesome! So, if you're an Austin local, stop by and say hello!

But Wait, You Said There Would Be Turkey?

Yes. Friends, next week there will be turkey and plenty of it, so what better way to burn off that food baby than the 106th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race? This Thanksgiving we will be cheering along the thousands of runners participating in one of the country's oldest races, hosted right in our hometown of Cincinnati.

Fun Fact: 18 runners raced from a Ft. Thomas gym to the YMCA of Cincinnati and hello, the Thanksgiving Day Race was born. Pretty cool!

It's the 6th oldest race in America and from its modest beginnings of 18 people has grown to become a family tradition for thousands of people across the tri-state. And for good reason — 6.2 miles burns off a lot of pie! Cincinnati, we'll be there, so come over say hi... we'd love to thank you for being awesome!

Not a runner? Not an excuse. It's November, which means while the turkey's cooking and the potatoes are mashing, the weather is perfect to get outside and throw that ol' football around. Set up an event using our app and invite the neighbors. Have fun!

We hope everyone has an incredible holiday — make sure to get outside and enjoy it!

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