Opting Outside with REI

Do What You Love the Most

Nov 27, 2015 by Brittany M

Why one CEO is paying his employees to get outside and do what they love most.

“Black Friday is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the essential truth that life is richer, more connected and complete when you choose to spend it outside,” REI President and CEO Jerry Stritzke said in a release.

Do What You Love the Most

12,000 employees will be paid “so they can do what they love the most—be outside,” and here at Physi, we couldn't agree more. We take pride in the fact that we've created an environment for our employees to be able to do the things that make them who they are. We are a company that thrives on being active and outside. Our goal is to get more people doing just that—getting outside.

When REI launched their #OptOutside campaign, we knew we had to join in on this journey. We met with our local REI store manager and discussed how we could help promote and gain community participation in the #OptOutside initiative.

From day one, our mission as a company has been to get people outside, doing the things they love to stay fit and keep active, all while staying social. We are encouraging everyone to get outside, go hiking, play basketball- do the thing that you love to do and share it with friends. In case you are in need of some ideas on how to #OptOutside, you can link up with your local REI to see what they have planned and join them as they #OptOutside or check out our recent blog post featuring the some of the best places to go hiking in Cincinnati and Austin, our HQ and second home.

We've chosen to #OptOutside this Friday and encourage you to do so too. Physi is a mobile app that pairs people to play sports together, so create your #OptOutside event and invite your friends, neighbors and other locals. Just get outside and share your #OptOutside story with us on Instagram and Facebook. We will be sharing our #OptOutside adventures with you this Friday, so make sure to follow to see what we have going on!

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