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Nov 25, 2015 by Brittany M

Hiking is an adventurous activity that is best done with a group of friends. It's also a great physical activity that doesn't feel like exercise. We like that. There's nothing like exploring the great outdoors on a crisp fall morning with a group of friends and taking in all the glory Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you're a seasoned hiker, or just in the beginning stages– we've highlighted some of our favorite trails. Both from our HQ in Cincinnati to our second home in Austin, TX– we're taking foot to some of the best trails these beautiful cities have to offer.

Cincinnati, OH Trails:

  • Devou Park
    This beautiful 4.6 mile loop is located near Covington, KY, and locals rate this trail as difficult. It's one to check out.
  • Cinti–Trail Ridge in Mt. Airy
    A challenging five–mile loop of plush wilderness will grace you upon arrival. Bring a camera, and snacks. You're going to want to stay a while.
  • Beechwood in Red Oak Trail Loop
    3.9 miles of leisurely fun. You'll forget you were just in the city!
  • Ault Park Trails
    Small but mighty, this trail may be just 2.8 miles, but it's a tough one! It's also popular among those saying “I do” as it holds the perfect back–drop for some very photogenic memories.
  • Bass Island Trail
    This dog friendly, 5.2–mile trail features a river and is great for all skill levels. Canoeing, fishing, road biking and walking are all popular activities enjoyed on this hefty trail. It's accessible year round and has something for everyone.
  • Cincinnati River Trail
    6 miles of forestry and trickling creeks– a symphony of happiness conducted by nature's blissful offerings.

Austin, TX Trails:

  • McKinney Falls State Park
    A beautiful 3.5–mile trail that features a river located near Austin, TX. This trail is great for all skill levels and is used for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Homestead Trail
    You will need to cross the lower falls at McKinney Falls State Park to access this trail, so bring those water shoes and be prepared for the ultimate journey!
  • Onion Creek Trail
    This long winding loop around the shady banks of Onion Creek, where you'll share the great scenery with bikers and joggers, is a great beginner trail!
  • Barton Creek Greenbelt
    Loops comprised of picturesque scenery along with rocky terrain and a waterfall not to be missed make up the adventure on this more difficult 7.3–mile trail.
  • Sculpture Falls Hike at Barton Creek
    A 3–mile out and back trail near Austin, TX, featuring a beautiful waterfall is a dog friendly moderate trail which is accessible year round.
  • Rock Shelter Trail
    This historic rock formation was once used by Native Americans for shelter. It's a fun quick loop for those looking for a fun and easy hike for all levels.

Some Expert Advice and how not to end up on “What Not to Wear.”

Hiking is for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll or those looking for the ultimate challenge. It's an outdoor sport that doesn't stop when the seasons change. Nope, there's no stopping a passionate hiker from his or her trail. While most of the trails listed above are easy to moderate, you still want to make sure you're dressed properly for your next hiking adventure, as well as equipped with some tips of the trade.

While we know a lot of things about a lot of things– this guy – Modern Hiker– knows a lot about hiking. Since pro tips are the best kind of tips, read some of his tips for hiking in cold and hot weather.

If you area missing some of the essentials and need some sweet new gear, check out two of our favorite places to score some awesome hiking gear, along with some more expert advice:


Dick's Sporting Good's

What are you waiting for? The time is now!

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, we've got you covered for your next adventure. What better way to burn off all those buttery calories we will be stuffing our pie holes with! Thanksgiving day rules! Create your next hiking event using Physi and invite friends and neighbors to a day of fun in the great outdoors.

Share your post– Thanksgiving day activities with us on Facebook!

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