Avoiding The Holiday 5

Dec 14, 2016 by Marty B

The Holiday 5 is that five pounds we seem to pick up between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. On January 1 or a couple days before, we'll then promise we'll be good and get them back off as quickly as we earned them. We all know that it's hard to keep our schedule through the holidays, especially staying active and eating well. We thought we'd assemble our favorite ways to avoid the dreaded Holiday 5.

Sign up for a run now.
There are winter races all over the country. From 5k's to 10k's, go ahead and signup for a race during the winter.

Do a charity workout/class
During the holiday seasons, you can try out a new studio or fitness class for “donations”. This is often a way for organizations to help give back to other charities and causes in the area. You give to a great cause and get in a get great workout. Pro-tip: look for local studios as they will often post which classes are charitable.

Spending time together can be activity based
Instead of going out for a drink or food, invite someone for a workout, class or activity. They probably want to avoid the Holiday 5 too. They'll be glad you did something different.

Holiday Themed Rides (or Runs)
There are bunches of rides and runs out there that can turn the everyday into something special. Physi participated in a “Bright Ride” and it was great. People decorated their bikes in festive themes and rode around the city. It's fun, active and holiday inspired. Just because it's cold outside, doesn't mean you have to put away your bike.

Make lunches healthy
Lunch is one of the easiest meals per day to make your healthiest. Soups and salads are easy choices during lunch time. Even with friends, you can eat lighter and healthier during lunch. Make the commitment to that one meal to reduce the calories.

Limit the sweets to one
Cookies are my jam. Cake can be overly sweet, so a good cookie is sweet, bready and delicious. The reason cookies are delicious is because they are often cooked with butter, sugar and flour—then add the ingredients like chocolate to throw on the calories. They are delicious, but just eat one. Easy choice.

Remove temptation and disperse calories
The best thing you can do is take in the extra rich foods to a group of people, like at your office. They will enjoy them and it will lessen the presence when you are at your weakest moments, like a middle of the night milk n' cookie run.

It's the holiday season, but you can avoid the Holiday 5. Plus, you can find new ways to give to charity or enjoy time with other people. As we say, it's so much easier actually keeping a couple extra pounds at bay than removing it after New Year's Day.

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