OMG. It's here, Physi 2.0.

New and improved : Activities with your friends at your fingertips!

Mar 09, 2017 by Marty B

Bing. Bang. Boom. It was that easy and quick, except for the easy and quick parts. 

The team here at Physi is proud to share some of the spoils of our work and we're hoping you love it as much as we do. It's Physi 2.0. We've rebuilt the entire thing from ground up. We thought we'd take a moment and share some of our favorite features from our new version. 

Physi Feed, Places and Meet

  • Physi Feed: Keep activity top of mind. In the Physi Feed, you'll find upcoming activities, links to events, friend requests and invites too! Whether you are keeping up with your friend's activities or scheduling your own, we want to help make the choice to stay active with your friends simple. 

  • Meet: It's easier than ever to find individuals to get out and get active. You can pair up with others by proximity or activities. We also made it a lot easier to locate in the app (yes, we heard your suggestions and feedback). Looking for that someone that likes Bocce or Casual Biking? Find them on Physi. Even if they aren't on Physi, you can invite friends through SMS and email too. 

  • I'm looking: Raise your hand and get selected for the team! This feature is to help you find people right now that are interested in participating in your favorite activities. Need a sub? No problem. We've made activities with your friends at your fingertips! 

  • Places: We've added a bunch of locations in the app and a search functionality to help you coordinate the best place to get out and get active. You can search, add meeting points or choose one of the thousands of locations that we've already added. 

  • Groups: We've made it simple to create and manage groups from within the app. This makes it easy to message your peeps, schedule activities or do a little pregame trash talking. 

We didn't stop there either. We've added Physi for corporations that includes a workplace challenge component too. If you're interested in a custom challenge for your workplace, nonprofit or large group, let us know ( 

We started from the ground up to help get people connected to their favorite activities. If you love it, let us know. If you don't love it, we want to know what you think would make it truly better. 

Our recommendation: Download Physi today. Schedule an activity and #getPhysi. Share feedback directly in the app or to

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