8 Ways Physi Makes it Easier to Adult

Let’s be real: Adulting is hard.

Jun 28, 2016 by Ally M

You may have a job, a girlfriend and even your own place, but does any of that mean you're doing it right?

We think there's one true way to know you're rocking at this adulting business: You're taking care of yourself. But don't worry – taking care of yourself doesn't have to be boring.

In fact, we think if you can get out there, get moving and have some fun while you're at it, you'll wake up one day and realize you're a healthy and happy adult. Here are 8 of the top ways Physi makes it easier for you to turn yourself into a grown adult, for real.

  1. Play now (or later) – Physi can help you schedule a game with your friends ahead of time so you can plan your day, OR you can find people to play with whenever you have time, even if that means right now.
  2. Meet new people – Since most of your college friends parted ways when you graduated, part of being an adult means making new friends. Physi helps you find people nearby that like the same activities as you, and doing something active together is a great way to break the ice.
  3. Hold each other accountable – Being an adult means keeping your commitments, right? When you make plans to meet up on Physi, you've got an accountability partner built right in, meaning you're more likely to show up and work out.
  4. Discover new sports – Maybe you're the king of bocce, or you hustle a mean game of corn hole. Ever think it's time to try something new? Stretch your horizons and try out a new sport, like kickboxing or kayaking, with people nearby who can show you the ropes.
  5. Have (clean) fun – Sure, it's easy to have a good time at a bar with all your buddies. It's less easy to get up the next morning for your 9-5 (or 9-7) when you've been out all night. Try finding new or old friends to meet up for a quick game after work, and relegate your rowdier activities to the weekend.
  6. Fit in that fitness – True story: Workouts don't have to look like workouts. They can look like a soccer game, or a quick game of 1-on-1 basketball, or an all-out paintball battle. When fitness looks like fun, you'll find you have all kinds of time to fit it in.
  7. Find subs – No, not the food, although that would be a pretty sweet app. Physi can help you find substitute players for that co-ed volleyball or beer league softball team you're on, just by searching for people nearby. Look at you, solving problems like a real adult.
  8. Organize your teams – Speaking of beer leagues, they're notorious for being a little unorganized. Try rallying the troops with Physi to get everyone to the right field at the right time.

Ultimately, adulting is all about creating – and maintaining – good habits. When it comes to being active, staying healthy and having fun, Physi is designed to help you do just that. Download the app today and see for yourself – you'll feel more responsible and respectable in no time.

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